Delaware River Water Trail: Pennsylvania River of the Year 2011

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is A Water Trail?
A: There is no universal definition, but generally, a water trail is a route along a river or across other bodies of water such as fresh or salt water for boats like kayaks, canoes, or rowboats. Water trails are most often identified by the land facilities that support water travel. These include launch and access sites (we call these trailheads), campsites, rest areas and other points of interest. On land, trails have distinct surfaces or walkways; on water it's the entire water surface, a surface that is constantly changing with flow, current, boat wakes and wind.

Q: Are there any fees?
A: Some agencies do have charges for access or parking. For example, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area has Amenity Fees that are collected in season at some access sites, including Milford Beach PA and Dingmans Access PA. Camping fees are charged at most sites as well. Check an agency or park's web site to determine if fees are collected.

Q: Where do you camp?
A: Camp at designated water trail campsites or at public parks and private campgrounds adjacent to the water. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area has several primitive areas for camping, but they change from time to time. Generally there are fees for camping, but to be sure, check with the agency's web site or call for information. For a break from camping, contact bed and breakfasts (B&B's) or hotels along the route. Do not camp on private property or restricted areas. Even if you see no signs on a property, do not assume you have access for picnicking or camping.

Q: Who do I contact if an access is missing a sign or there's something wrong with
the site?
A: If you see a ranger or maintenance worker, let them know what you noticed. Follow up with a note, email or letter later. If there's no one at the site, jot down details, location, date and time of your visit and contact the managing agency when you return. If you have a camera take a picture.

Q: How will I know where the take-out is when I'm on the river?
A: You can ask the local livery or park ranger. Read all information about the Trail from the maps in this web site, from the trail guide, or the DRBC maps. Eventually signs will be posted to indicate take-out sites and accesses.